What is eConsult?




eConsult is a clever bit of software that allows you to quickly and safely get help and advice from your own doctors and GP practice online, for free, from anywhere.

eConsult is a form-based online consultation & triage platform that collects your medical or administrative request and sends it through to your GP practice to triage and decide on the right care for you and everyone else.


How does eConsult work?

  • Step 1: Feel unwell, or have a request for the practice? Click here to access eConsult
  • Step 2: Choose the relevant section for your need or request.
  • Step 3: Fill out the information requested and submit your eConsult. Questions may change depending on what you input.
  • Step 4: The practice reviews every eConsult they get and will decide on the next best step to help you. This means you may not need to visit the practice for an appointment.

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eConsult Video